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Where quality service is a commitment

Enjoy the convenience of smartphone
banking wherever you are.

learn about FCBPay

FCBPay is FCB’s newest mobile banking product. FCBPay aims to provide our PITAKArd clients with optimum convenience in performing banking transactions using his/her mobile phone, such as Balance Inquiry, Fund Transfer to enrolled PITAKArd accounts; and Bills/QR Payments at FCB accredited companies and registered merchants.

Safe and secure - reduce the amount
of cash you carry
Easily monitor your PITAKARD real-
time balances anytime, anywhere
Purchase goods and services at a
wide list of merchants
Pay your bills from the comfort of
your own home, no more lines
Send allowances / make fund
transfers to loved ones for FREE

Requisites for Enrollment To FCBPay:

PITAKArd Account

Android Phone Version 5 and up

For more information, contact FCB Help Desk @ (038) 412-5456/412-5448 or email at pitakard@fcb.com.ph

Before making any transaction, make sure you have enough balance in your FCBPay Wallet. To top-up means to add money to your FCBPay Wallet from your PITAKArd account.

Option 1
Option 2

Before paying your utility bills or tuition fees, you need to perform a one-time enrollment of the Merchant through your app.

Before making a fund transfer, you need to perform a one-time pre-enrollment of your beneficiaries at any FCB Branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

FCBPay is accepted at a growing number of merchants and institutions:
Click Here

A client only needs an FCBPay PITAKArd account to sign up for FCBPay. Once enrolled, you only need your registered mobile phone to use the FCBPay app to make purchases, pay bills, etc.

There is no limit per transaction. You can pay the exact total amount of purchased goods. However, the maximum top-up amount into the FCBPay Wallet cannot exceed more than One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000.00) for a period of one (1) month.

FCBPay Wallet has no expiration. It will only be terminated when the linked PITAKArd account is closed. For security purposes, FCBPay Wallet will be temporarily blocked if no activity for 1 year.

You will receive a confirmation text once your FCBPay transaction has been completed. If you are making a purchase at a merchant, you will then show the cashier the reference number found in the confirmation text for the cashier to complete the transaction.

Please inform the cashier of the error. FCB will process the charge back when validated.

We suggest validating if the transaction was completed by tapping your FCBPay Wallet in the FCBPay app, and “Request Last Transaction Details.” This inquiry allows you to check the last completed transaction. You will then receive a text with the last transaction completed, with the needed reference number.

If the last transaction listed does not coincide with your current transaction, then the transaction was not completed and you can re-process the transaction.

There are two ways to retrieve the transaction confirmation details:

Option 1 – Please check your text messages, as you should have received a text confirmation from FCBPay. The text message will also contain the reference number and transaction details.

Option 2 – In the FCBPay app, you can tap your FCBPay Waller and “Request Last Transaction Details.”This inquiry allows you to check the last completed transaction. You will then receive a text with the last transaction completed, with the needed reference number.

You can view all transactions completed in the last 30 days by tapping FCBPay Wallet, then “FCBPay Transaction History.” Select the number of days you would like to view, and then you can export the corresponding file and save it on your phone.

We would be happy to clarify any additional questions you may have! Please call us at our FCB Hotline Numbers:

Landline Number: (038) 412-5456 or (038) 412-5448

Mobile Phone Numbers: 0919-075-8011 or 0939-257-4077 or 0917-998-3132


FCBPay for Merchant

What’s in it?

We will provide a unique QR code specifically assigned for your business. A Merchant’s Portal is also available for easy monitoring and reconciliation of your daily sales.

Experience the following advantages

Cashless Payment Transaction

Less exposed to fake and mutilated bills.

Less cash handling and counting during end-shift turnover.

No need to prepare/count change for the customer.

Faster check-out transaction

Minimize crowd lobby

Safe and Secure

Reduce the amount of cash on hand.

All payments processed via QR code goes directly to merchant’s FCB account.

Real-time transaction notifications and next-day settlement.

Regular transaction reports.

Open a settlement deposit account with FCB. Can be Savings Account, PITAKArd Account or Checking Account. Subject to standard bank requirements and procedures in account opening.